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Shady Pines Ranch

At Shady Pines, we provide our clients with a holistic approach on their life, mental health wellness and death journey. Our equine partners are a big part in this process. 
We strive to create mental health wellness through the connection between horses and humans.
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Equine Assisted Wellness

Why use horses?

Mental health needs are more important now than ever. Clients need to work through their life struggles without feeling judged or having another person interpret their issues, horses are highly sensitive and the perfect partner to help clients do just that.


End of Life Doula

Even today, death and dying is still considered a taboo topic. We are all on this journey. End of Life deserves dignity. As an End of Life Doula, I will help you and your family have a peaceful end of life experience. 

Advance care planning is difficult to talk about. Let me help as you navigate through these decisions while you create the plan you want.


Equine First Aid

We all need help when an emergency happens. Our horses are no different. They depend on us for food, water and shelter so it is natural for us to become their first responder too.

We offer our equine first aid course to prepare you when your horse needs you in an emergency situation.

My Approach

Your journey is unique to you and so is your mental health. We believe in a holistic approach to our services. Linda incorporates the philosophies and teachings she is learning as she makes her way back to her Indigenous roots. She will meet you where you are in your journey and supports you as you move along on your own terms, at your pace. Her approaches are individually designed for your needs and comfort. Your family and friends will be along with you on this journey. Linda will prepare and support them as they transition into this new chapter of their lives.

About Linda

Linda is a strong, Metis woman, mother of two amazing daughters, animal lover and life-long learner.

Linda graduated with a Social Work degree in 2005. She has worked with families in an educational setting and has many years of experience facilitating a number of different groups. She took her equine assisted wellness training in 2018. Horses bring a whole new level of healing to the therapy process. It is her passion and mission to share the healing of horses with as many people as possible.

Linda believes in learning something new every day. She also believes that people need to lift each other up and practices doing that every chance she gets.


Equine Assisted Wellness and End of Life Doula services-first consultation is free of charge. All services and fees will be discussed then.

Equine First Aid courses-can sign up for a class or book your facility to host a course. 

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